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Grande Prairie Janitorial Services

Specialty Cleaning to Keep You Moving Forward

Grande Prairie Restoration Cleaning Services

Find out how Grande Prairie’s versatile range of cleaning services can meet your every need.

From commercial office and multi-unit residential buildings to single-family homes, we have the scalability to handle carpet, hardwood, and tile cleanup jobs of every size. Our expert technicians use industry-best practices and equipment to restore your carpets and hard surfaces from fire damage, water damage, and everything in between.

When your facilities need cleaning in hard-to-reach places, we have the skills and tools for the job. Our certified technicians are well-trained in removing dust and particulates on truss systems, ductwork, fixtures, and overhead piping. Additional specialty services include removing debris after a storm, cleaning industrial or commercial kitchens, removing graffiti, and more.

Unmaintained HVAC systems can accumulate significant particle and dust buildup, which can lower your system’s operational efficiency, drive up your costs, and endanger your indoor air quality. We’re here to help. We offer regular inspections, detailed cleaning routines, and product solutions tailored to your specific surfaces and issues.

Grande Prairie: A Certified Leader in Great Service

Discover the industry certifications and memberships that qualify us as a leader in our field.

Restoration Cleaning Services Start Here

Find out what our leading North American restoration services can do for you.


Restauration PremièreAction is becoming FIRST ONSITE

On March 29, 2021, many restoration brands, including Restauration PremièreAction, FirstOnSite, Interstate, Interstate Hawaii, Super, Perfection, CATCO, and Rolyn are coming together under one name to become a leading restoration company in North America.

While our name is changing, our commitment remains the same. As a unified company, we will be better equipped to lead and serve with 80+ branches across Canada, the US and Puerto Rico, over 2,000 team members, and more than 70 years of combined experience.

Learn more about Restauration PremièreAction becoming FIRST ONSITE.